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    Demand: Perfecting the art and science of business-to-business telemarketing.

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    We are Demand: We amplify effectiveness through cutting-edge technology, superior talent and unique, proprietary processes. We will create demand for your company.

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    Demand will help you find the right list, develop the perfect script and thoroughly train the best phone agents - to produce the best results for your business.

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    When you outsource your call center operations, you need a company that will represent yours not just effectively, but flawlessly. We know how to leverage our talent for you.




    The Demand Companies are dedicated to creating results for our clients by maximizing their marketing, business development, operating and administrative ROI. We amplify effectiveness (ours and yours) through cutting-edge technology, superior talent and our own proprietary processes.


    We focus on business-to-business telemarketing, and we have developed a uniquely effective approach that is proven to get results. Decades of experience, unparalleled dedication and our deep pool of thoroughly-screened, extensively trained talent mean we are able to do exactly what you need us to do: Create demand for your business.


    Telemarketing remains one of the most effective methods for growing your business - particularly in today’s challenging, globalized market. And finding the right company for your outbound call center services is crucial. Choosing the wrong partner can do your business more harm than good. High staff turnover, offshore operations, lack of adequate training, outdated equipment: These are all-too-common call center pitfalls that will cost your business dearly.


    With our focus exclusively on business-to-business telemarketing, we have perfected the art and science of call center operations. Whether you need to generate new prospects, set appointments for your sales staff, gather information or reach out to current customers, we will work with you to craft the perfect program to get the results you need.


    Outsourcing your call center services to Demand lets us do the work for you. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art call centers ensure that Demand will represent your company professionally and effectively. We can handle all of your business-to-business call center needs, including:

    • Lead generation
    • Appointment setting
    • Order processing
    • Database verification
    • Research and surveys
    • Customer cultivation and retention
    • Quality initiatives
    • Product/customer benchmarking


    The right list is a key component of any successful telemarketing campaign — a missed target is a missed opportunity. While we often work with clients who have researched and developed their own lists, we also have years of expertise in developing and procuring solid, targeted lists for our partners. With access to every top database and experience in creating lists for industries such as healthcare, business services, retail, finance, automotive and education, we have the knowledge, contacts and background to recommend the best lists for your company’s goals. We don’t own or manage the list and we don’t have a stake in which database or company the list comes from. We simply use our expertise and access to provide a well-researched, accurate list that will guarantee the most success for you.


    Demand can work with your existing script, or we can work with you to develop a perfectly-honed, effective script that will add to your campaign’s success. Our writers have years of experience creating logic-based, decision-free scripts that help guide each call down the right path.